It's less than 2 weeks until our AMVETS SEC convention in Orlando! This SEC is important because all family groups will have their annual meeting and election of officers so please try to come if you are able!

The Riders meeting will be held at the Rosen Center, International Drive in Orlando on Saturday June 9th at 5:00 p.m.

The Ladies Auxiliary, Sons and AMVETS will hold their meetings beginning early Saturday morning, and to attend the Riders meeting you MUST REGISTER FOR YOUR PARENT ORGANIZATION meeting. This is your chance to have a voice in who you want to be your next AMVETS Riders officers for the coming year. Are you dissatisfied with those who are currently in office? Come and vote! Do you want to make sure someone running gets elected? Come and vote! Are you considering running for a Department of FL AMVETS Riders office? Come and vote!

As a whole, we usually have a small group attend the SEC meetings compared to the total Florida Rider's membership. Important decisions are made as well as election of officers, and what we do at our SEC meeting affects our whole Riders family, so PLEASE plan to come. It is a great time to fellowship with your Rider brothers and sisters across the state. See you all next Saturday!!